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Knox Box Program

All buildings must allow access to the Fire District in an emergency situation. South Thurston Fire & EMS has selected the nationally recognized Knox Company, for our lock box program.

How to obtain a lock box:

  • Click on the links below for additional information. Be sure to select the 3200 series for commercial and the 1650 series for residential.

  • Enter “Washington” under Your location and type in/select “South Thurston Fire & EMS” under Local fire department/agency.

  • Knox will send your lock box to the address provided.

  • When the lock box arrives, contact the Fire District at 360-264-4116 for installation information and placement instructions.

  • Make a set of master keys for all outside doors, and if needed, inside doors.

  • After installation, contact the Fire District again at 360-264-4116 to meet you or a representative on location to lock your Knox Box.

  • For Ordering Support at Knox, you can call 800-552-5669


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