Wildfire Info


South Thurston Fire participates in the Washington State All Hazard Mobilization Plan as well as Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC). These agreements allow us to provide assistance to other counties and states for wildfires and natural disasters. Every year, we average about 12 responses outside of Thurston county for assistance using either contract. South Thurston responded to Oregon and California both in 2017, and Oregon once in 2018.


The district is compensated for the use of any equipment while deployed and is reimbursed wages for any career personnel that is deployed as well. The funds we receive from these responses are used for maintenance, repairs, and upgrades on the equipment used on deployment, as well as personal protective equipment and tool replacement.

It's never too early to be prepared for wildfire season. Even if you don't live near a forest, you can still be a victim of a wildfire. Click on the picture on the left to learn more on how to be prepared.
Current Wildfire Information